Ingenuity and precision
in everything we do


Precision tooled, manufacturable solutions made possible by a combination of robotics and experienced teams for companies that need their products and equipment to work well every time.


Centrally located, small town personality with technology and talent usually only found in large markets.


Our unique combination of robotics for consistency and creative teams produce manufacturable solutions.


Our proprietary processes plus managed scale result in consistent quality and cost efficiencies.

Customer solutions

We work together with our customers to help them win.

Parts Gallery

Take a look at some of the manufacturing challenges we solve every day.

Our Team

We function as an agile partner, rather than just as a supplier.


Internal Scrap Rate


On Time Delivery (OTD)


Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM)


Tool & Manufacturing

So good, you have to see it for yourself.

People often say they were surprised by what they found at Rathburn. For us it’s just the way we work and think, and the equipment we use to deliver results. Come see it in person!