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A unique combination of automation and creative teams for consistent, manufacturable solutions


Our experience and equipment enable us to produce precision milled and turned parts in quantities up to 200,000 per year.


The Rathburn manufacturing facility in Auburn Indiana has more than 39,000 square feet of safe and remarkably clean manufacturing space. Our commitment to precision and ingenuity can be see in how our shop floor is organized by work centers with integrated WIP areas for more controlled process flow. This innovative layout enables our teams to work more efficiently, which keeps pricing competitive and ensures on-time delivery.

Work envelope:

We specialize in precision machined parts in a turning envelope of 32mm diameter for Swiss and 10” diameter for chucker work, and a 20” cube for milling. Depending on complexity we produce quantities between 200 to 200,000+ per year.  Maximum part weight is 30 lbs.


Our shop features sophisticated manufacturing technology to provide precision machining of aluminum, cast iron, steel, brass and stainless steel parts. Our automated machining centers consistently produce accuracy and repeatability to meet today’s rigorous quality standards.

CNC mills & lathes:

The latest Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Mills & Lathes, outfitted with barfeeders and live tooling, provide our customers consistency, high quality and quick turn-around, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


We have a state of the art, climate controlled, Quality Lab that houses two Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), including one DCC CMM and an Optical Comparator to ensure consistent and precise gauging and measurement inspections.


Our agile approach, deep experience and spacious facility also allows us to offer value-added services such as component and part assembly that’s uniquely suited to our customers’ needs.


Automation in the form of computerized controls and robotics increases precision and reduces waste, enhancing our ability to achieve our goal of zero defects and 100% on-time delivery. With the addition of human skill, experience and ingenuity, we’ve developed proprietary set-ups, modifications and work cells that allow us to timely and consistently meet high quality standards in manufacturing parts at quantities over 200,000. Latest improvements include in-house modifications to an automated torque machine and robotics combined with a drill & tap machine that nearly eliminate the potential for human error.


Tool & Manufacturing

Equipment list

It’s not equipment or people. For us it’s both.

It takes skilled people working with great equipment to live up to our standards. It’s a difference you can see every day.