Rathburn Customer Solution #43


A new-to-us customer was outgrowing its current supplier of machined components for construction equipment. They chose Rathburn because they needed a partner who could verify the design of its laser cut blanks, help develop design improvements, and ramp up production quickly for a seamless transition.

Expanding parts and product lines.

Our technical sales and engineering team worked alongside the customer’s production/quality team to understand the challenges, then engaged multiple engineers to assist in the design for manufacturing (DFM) — including providing suggested changes to machining drawings to the customer to ensur e alignment of expectations. We made suggested design and machining changes on two different critical features to help the customer in the assembly process (with an added chamfer) as well as an enhancement that helps with wear assessment by end user.

We helped the customer grow quickly and set the stage for future innovation.

The customer initiated growth by expanding the family of parts that we were producing (with a milling focus). Not only has the company been able to fill a growing number of orders — with Rathburn’s help, it’s also been able to prototype new designs for new customers for continued growth and success.