Company Profile

Rathburn Tool and Manufacturing started in business in 1983 producing tooling, fixturing, prototypes and small production machining.  Today, our niche is “CNC Production Machining” of all quantities.  We use the latest technology available while applying the highest quality standards with a personalized service that produces quality results for better customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is based upon ethical conduct, teamwork, mutual trust and a fair value.  To ensure continued growth and improvement in meeting our customer’s needs, we will strive for continued World Class Quality, meet or exceed challenges and raise our standards of “Commitment to Excellence”.

Our success has been the combined efforts of the capabilities and contributions of all our team members while keeping the commitment of the customers’ goals first.  Our greatest assets are our people and a teamwork approach.  We encourage involvement and accountability by all team members in an atmosphere of professionalism, trustworthiness, and integrity.  The end result being empowered team members continuously generating improvements in the work environment.

While working together as a team, we have achieved great honors in accepting business and community partnership awards.  We strive to empower our team members through a teamwork approach, encouraging continued education and training and giving back to our community by volunteering with professional organizations and giving monetarily to community projects as well.

We appreciate the opportunity in continuing to meet and exceed our current and potential customer’s CNC machining needs.  Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing welcomes you to schedule a visit at your convenience, and “Thank You” for placing your confidence with R.T.M.

Vision Statement

To view every challenge as an opportunity to grow as a company earning our customer’s respect and confidence through combined dedication, mutual trust and integrity.

Value Statement

Rathburn Tool and Manufacturing will strive to provide the opportunity for all Team Members seeking a sense of accomplishment that enriches their well-being while making a difference in our lives and organization.

Community Partnerships

It is our philosophy at Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing to give back to our community and professional organizations.  Listed are several of the past and present organizations that we have supported for over 30 years.

  • Veterans Administration, North East, Indiana               
  • DeKalb High/Middle/Elementary Schools
  • Terra Firma – Children First
  • Jackson Township Little League
  • Alliance Industries
  • Auburn Police and Fire Departments
  • DeKalb County Sherriff Department
  • DeKalb Health
  • Science Fairs
  • Auburn Chamber of Commerce
  • St. Martins Health Care, Inc.

Awards & Recognition

Listed are a few of the awards Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing has received over the last few years.