Equipment & Facility


Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing expanded in 2012 with an additional 18,000 sq/ft of manufacturing space.  The larger facility allows RTM to concentrate on work centers with mini WIP areas for more controlled process flow.  This is enabling our organization to work more efficiently and has helped to ensure on time deliveries and remain competitive.  Maintaining a safe and clean environment utilizing lean manufacturing principles is a priority at Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing.


The shop features the latest CNC Mills & Lathes that can be utilized for precision machining of aluminum, cast iron, steel, brass and stainless steel parts.  Our machining centers produce accuracy and repeatability consistently to meet the demands of today’s highest quality standards.

Current initiatives are with a new in-house designed, automated torque machine.  The new torque machine takes the human element out of the final process of the machining to ensure that the part is torqued 100% with zero defects.  Also, other current pursuits are to be more robust with an in-house designed, automated drill & tap machine along with robotics.

Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing has a new larger climate controlled Quality Lab of which enabled RTM to purchase an additional C.M.M. (Coordinate Measure Machine).  The Quality Lab is used for all of our gauging and C.M.M. inspections.  In addition to the two C.M.M.’s we have an Optical Comparator to ensure accurate measurements.

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